Best Electric Toothbrush that Doesn’t Cost Fortune

good electric tooth brush

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If you have spent any time trying to up your game in the area of dental hygiene, chances are you have crossed paths with someone who raves about their electric toothbrush. Whether through advertising, at the dentist’s office, or personal testimony, most of us have become aware of the fact that electric toothbrush is considered a fundamental part of a deep teeth cleaning regime.

Because of the variety of styles and brands that are available, choosing the best electric toothbrush for you can seem like a daunting task. Here are a few of the best toothbrushes by leading brands to help you make a well informed decision before you make your purchase!

Electric toothbrushes also work really well with braces. To see which toothbrushes are best to be used with braces, check out this list.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

This brush comes with a diamond-shaped head to better fit between the crevices of your teeth for a truly deep clean. With five different cleaning modes, ranging from a gentle cycle to a more vigorous brushing, this toothbrush has the most personalized teeth cleaning experience made available by Sonicare. Within just a couple weeks, users noticed a difference in their overall gum health, and a reduction in stains.

Oral-B White 700 SmartSeries

Unlike Sonicare toothbrushes (which focus on sonic vibration to brush plaque off the teeth) Oral B’s focus is a rotating brush head that scrubs the teeth and gums clean. This particular brush comes with the CrossAction brush head which surrounds each tooth for a detailed cleaning. This toothbrush comes with four cleaning modes for a personalized brush session. Oral B also has app technology that syncs with your smart phone to further enhance your cleaning experience by telling you when it’s time to move to another section in your mouth, or when you are brushing too hard/soft. This feature is especially helpful for those new to electric toothbrushes!

Philip Sonicare Elite HX5910

This elite series by Sonicare is a great introductory toothbrush set (includes two toothbrushes) for your household. The “easy start” selection gradually increases the sonic power with each use to ease your teeth and gums into a comfortable new routine. Its contoured brush head makes it easy to reach around the teeth for optimum cleaning, and its soft bristles make it a great brush for those with sensitive gums.

Philip Sonicare FlexCare

For those suffering from gingivitis or gum sensitivity, Sonicare’s Flexcare toothbrush is specifically designed to promote gum health. With five varying gentle cleaning modes, you can adjust the vibrations to your comfort level. Most users noticed a difference in their gum sensitivity within just two weeks!

Check out this article if you are looking for Sonicare electric toothbrushes in particular.

Oral-B Deep Sweep 5000 SmartSeries

If you tend to brush a little too heavy-handed, Oral B has a toothbrush with a pressure sensor that alerts you when you are pushing too hard against your teeth. The 500 SmartSeries has a three-zoned toothbrush head, which helps eliminate plaque in those hard to reach areas. It also moves side to side giving that “sweeping” motion for a deep clean.

Whether you are a beginner, who is just getting their feet wet and toying around with the idea of an electric toothbrush, or you have been around the block and maybe are looking to replace your old toothbrush, take the time to research! There are always new and improved versions being put out to optimize your oral hygiene. Finding the right toothbrush for you can make a huge difference in your comfort while brushing, and help get you that pearly white smile you so desire.

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